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Mid-January Rains Bring Rainfall Totals Well Above Normal

The rains this past week and earlier in January have done wonders to our gardens and have saturated the soils enough to finally get the water level rising in Lake Cachuma, the main reservoir for the Santa Barbara South County area. The chart below gives all the details, but here are some highlights

Since January 6th, the city of Santa Barbara received nearly 6.5 inches of rain, bringing the “water year” (which starts in September) up to a total of over 10.2 inches, or 37% more rain that an average winter so far. The total rainfall we have received so far represents 56% of all the rain we normally receive in a year.

Different areas of the County have had more or less rain than the Santa Barbara: San Marcos Pass has logged 13.5 inches of rain in January alone and 21.5 inches since September, which is over 150% of normal for the season up to mid-January. Carpinteria, on the other hand, has received just below the normal amount of rainfall.

This recent week of rain went a long way to saturate the soils near Lake Cachuma, so a great deal of rainfall in the mountains is now heading into the reservoir rather than soaking into the soil. When I last reported rainfall totals just before Thanksgiving, Cachuma was at 30% of capacity and soils were still in the “dry” stage. Now soil saturation levels are in the moderate range, just a tad above what is considered “wet”, and Cachuma is now at 32.3% capacity (and rising). It would be great to see that lake filled to capacity again.


I don’t think I’ve heard the word “drought” for a few weeks… How refreshing!

It’s back to real estate market updates next week, with a review of 2018 and trends to watch!

— Sue