My #SantaBarbara Week


A thin whiff of fog has burned off downtown already, and we are off to another perfect summer day in Santa Barbara! I have company coming for a few days, and already have some restaurant choices picked out…

This month at Roy (7 West Carrillo), all plates are $15 in celebration of their 25th anniversary. They consistently receive between 4-5 star overall ratings on various sites. With reliably great food, unpretentious environment, and an emphasis on free range/hormone free poultry and meats, they buy ingredients (organic when possible) from the local Farmer’s Market.

We might also try the new restaurant “Mesa Verde” on the Mesa. This is a fun new addition to our dining options. If you want to experience different vegan options, and a good staff, give Mesa Verde a try. They definitely lean toward a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean flair. The owner makes their rounds to see how everyone is doing. Beautifully presented offerings, colorful, interesting sauces, and almost every item has an ingredient I wasn’t familiar with. Ever had an aleppo? It’s a delicious little addition to at least one dish! Reviews seem to be either love it or didn’t. Yes, the portions look small, but they are filling and highly satisfying for more than just the belly!

Mini Real Estate Update:  The July stats are in, and I’ll be writing a full article for the NewsPress and Casa magazine next week, but for now a quick look. Although sales have been steady all year, the number of sales is down 20% or so pretty much across all neighborhoods, and the median and average prices are up about 20% for the year. We have slid into the somewhat slower pace of summer, and it seems like the pace of sales will keep on at a lower than average rate for the rest of the year. The high-end market (over $3 million) continues to do well, which has added to the raise in median and average sale price for our area. The $700,000 to $1.2 million market has been steady, and even the price range from $1.2 – $2 million keeps moving along with decent sales. The slowest segment of the market (in July, and for the past few months), has been the $2-$3 million range. What continues to sell well are homes priced right, in good school districts or areas with expansive ocean views.

Call me with any questions about the market, or if you know of someone who might appreciate assistance!

~ Sue